Why do few people choose SPC flooring, because there are five most misunderstood places

2020-04-26 16:33:11 浙江昊派装饰材料有限公司 Viewd 3482

SPC floor is widely used in business places, and it is a very suitable floor for refurbishing the ground of old buildings in the city. Most of the PVC lock floor used in home decoration will not choose SPC floor, and because SPC floor is fully rigid and plastic The characteristic of the board is that it is hard and it is not suitable for use during the bone development period of young children. The elderly also have more leg arthritis. If the floor is too hard, the stiffness of the leg muscles will increase. Nor is it used by very few people, but it is not recommended for home decoration. Many home improvement customers find Fushijia and consult SPC flooring. After understanding the elastic LVT flooring and WPC flooring, they rarely use SPC flooring.

The editor just heard that many people in the market are deifying SPC flooring, and they are also drunk! SPC has unique characteristics that are incomparable to solid wood/floor tiles/PVC flooring. The following editor collects the 5 main points of SPC flooring that are most easily misunderstood to restore the truth!

1. Small range of use

SPC floor is a very good material, which has the advantages of wear resistance, durability, and environmental protection. Widely used in various indoor places. Covering medical, sports, schools, education, kindergartens, commerce, office, etc., you can see the SPC floor.


2. Time of birth

PVC lock floor has been used and promoted in China for ten years. From the early days, LVT lock floor (the thickness is mainly 3.2mm) and WPC lock floor (commonly used) have been used in schools, hospitals and other enterprises and institutions in China. Thickness: 5.5mm5.0mm), SPC floor is a new product that was born in the past five years, most of LVT/WPC is produced by hydraulic pressure, and the customized delivery time is as long as 20 days. But the SPC floor can be formed by an integrated extrusion process, and the delivery time can be reduced several times.


3. Flame retardant means it won’t burn

Some users want to take a lighter to order the SPC floor to see if it can burn. In fact, the country requires that the fire protection level of PVC lock floor be up to B1 level. According to the national standard, non-combustible materials are designated as fire protection level A, such as stone and tile. The technical content of the B1 flame retardant standard is a cotton ball with a diameter of 10 mm, dipped in alcohol, and placed on the PVC lock floor to burn naturally. After the cotton ball is burned out, measure the diameter of the burnt PVC lock floor trace. If it is less than 50mm, it is B1 flame retardant standard. Rather than watching the burning burn.




4. Wear-resistant means that it will not be scratched with a sharp tool

When I was often asked about the service life and wear resistance of the SPC floor in the message area, I mentioned taking out sharp tools such as a knife or key and scratching the surface of the SPC floor. If there is a scratch, it is judged to be non-wearing. In fact, the national test of the abrasion resistance of PVC lock floor is not simply scratching the surface with a sharp tool. It uses a flat-bottomed circular sanding disc to polish the test floor under the pressure of 1Kg. After the number of rotations, the surface of the floor is polished. The wear-resistant layer is worn to expose the number of revolutions of the base layer. The number of revolutions at this node is an indicator to measure the abrasion resistance of the PVC lock floor. For example, the national minimum standard for laminate flooring is 1500 revolutions. Therefore, the abrasion resistance of PVC lock floor is specially measured by the national inspection agency.



5. It is not environmentally friendly to smell the smell with the nose

To be more precise, SPC flooring with a strong pungent smell is not environmentally friendly. The SPC base material itself is formaldehyde-free. A qualified SPC floor should be 100% formaldehyde-free. It may smell of fragrances and additives, which will not cause harm to people's bodies or make people feel. Uncomfortable.